Soutalsama Arabic Radio


About Soutalsama Arabic Radio

Soutalsama Arabic Radio from Australia offers a rich blend of programming that caters to the Arabic-speaking community, with a particular focus on Islamic content, community issues, and engaging talk shows. It serves as a bridge connecting the Arabic-speaking community in Australia with their cultural roots, religious heritage, and each other, while also integrating them into the broader Australian society.

More Information

Soutalsama Arabic Radio features a variety of Islamic content that includes religious lectures, recitations of the Quran, discussions on Islamic teachings, and programs centered on important Islamic events and holidays. The station serves as a vital resource for the Arabic-speaking community in Australia. It highlights local news, cultural events, and community activities, ensuring that listeners stay informed about what’s happening within their community. Engaging talk shows on Soutalsama Arabic Radio cover a wide range of topics that resonate with the audience. These shows feature discussions on current affairs, social issues, health and wellness, education, and more.



Language: English, Arabic

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