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About Music Only 70s

Music Only 70s is a radio station based in Australia that specializes in playing music from the 1970s. The station offers a nostalgic journey back in time, celebrating the diverse range of music that defined the decade. It provides a vibrant and enjoyable listening experience for anyone who loves the music of the 1970s. It’s a station that resonates with the nostalgia of the era while celebrating its enduring musical legacy.

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Listeners can expect to hear a variety of genres on Music Only 70s, including rock, disco, pop, funk, and more. The station plays hits from iconic artists and bands of the 70s such as ABBA, Bee Gees, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, and Elton John, among many others. The programming on the station is curated to appeal to both casual fans of 70s music and die-hard enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to relive classic tunes or discover hidden gems from the era, the station offers a blend of familiar favorites and lesser-known tracks. In addition to music, it also features special segments, interviews, or trivia about the 1970s, providing context and insights into the music and culture of the decade.



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