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About 2Dry FM

2Dry FM is a community radio station based in Australia, known for its diverse range of programs catering to the interests and needs of its listeners. It serves as a vital hub for both information and entertainment within its community, fostering connections, promoting local initiatives, and enriching the cultural landscape through its diverse range of programs.

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2Dry FM provides regular news updates, covering both local and global events. This includes breaking news, weather forecasts, traffic reports, and updates on community events and initiatives. A significant aspect of this station's programming is dedicated to the local community. This involves talk shows discussing community issues, interviews with local leaders or activists, segments highlighting community events, and opportunities for listeners to call in and participate. The station also offers a diverse array of programs spanning various genres and interests. This includes music shows featuring different genres such as rock, pop, jazz, blues, electronic, and more. There might also be cultural programs celebrating the diversity of Australia's communities, educational programs covering topics like health, wellness, and personal development, as well as entertainment-focused shows like comedy hours or radio dramas.


Website: www.2dryfm.com

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +(08) 8087 1077

Address: Community Centre, 200 Beryl Street, Broken Hill NSW 2880


107.7 FM

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2Dry FM