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Welcome to 80s Classics, your premier radio station delivering the best of 1980s hits and timeless classics from Australia! As you tune in, you’ll be transported back to the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the 80s, where synthesizers ruled the airwaves and iconic artists left an indelible mark on music history.

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Picture yourself cruising down the coastal roads of Australia with the windows down, the sun shining, and the radio blasting tunes from legendary acts like INXS, Midnight Oil, and Icehouse. These homegrown heroes dominated the charts both locally and internationally, and their infectious melodies still resonate with listeners today. But our playlist doesn't stop there. We'll also take you on a journey through the global soundscape of the 80s, featuring hits from icons such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. From the irresistible pop hooks of "Billie Jean" to the anthemic rock of "Livin' on a Prayer," there's something for everyone on 80s Classics. So whether you're reliving your youth or discovering the magic of the 80s for the first time, join us on 80s Classics for a nostalgic journey through one of music's most memorable decades.


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