About 3ACR

3ACR is a radio station based in Australia known for its diverse programming that includes popular hits and music programs. It aims to deliver a dynamic blend of hit music and engaging programs to its listeners. It caters to a wide audience with its selection of contemporary music, spanning various genres such as pop, rock, electronic, and more

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With a focus on popular hits across various genres, the station strives to entertain a diverse audience by offering music that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Listeners can expect to hear the latest chart-toppers as well as timeless classics, making it a go-to station for those who enjoy a mix of current hits and beloved favorites. The station likely offers engaging hosts, lively discussions, and entertaining segments, ensuring that listeners stay tuned in for a vibrant and dynamic radio experience. By combining quality music programming with engaging content, 3ACR Radio aims to maintain a strong connection with its listeners and provide them with a consistently enjoyable radio experience.


Website: http://www.huaxia.net.au

Language: English, Chinese

Address: E3 350 Ingles Street

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