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About Tyga FM

Tyga FM is a community radio station in Tasmania, Australia, known for its commitment to providing local community-focused programming and talk shows. It stands out as a vital platform for community engagement and discussion in Tasmania, connecting residents through informative and entertaining programming that reflects the region’s unique identity and concerns.

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Tyga FM places a strong emphasis on serving the local community of Tasmania. It often features discussions, interviews, and stories that highlight local events, issues, and personalities. Listeners can expect to hear about upcoming community events, local news updates, and initiatives that impact residents directly. The station hosts a variety of talk shows covering diverse topics such as current affairs, health and wellbeing, arts and culture, and local politics. Beyond talk shows, Tyga FM typically offers a mix of music genres, news bulletins, and entertainment segments tailored to the tastes and interests of its local audience.


Website: www.tygafm.org.au

Language: English

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Contact Number: +03 6261-2000

Address: PO Box 377, New Norfolk TAS 7140


98.9 FM

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