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Club Retro radio station from Australia offers a nostalgic journey through classic hits, R&B grooves, and timeless oldies. With its eclectic mix of music spanning across decades, listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of sounds that evoke memories and create a vibrant atmosphere. It aims to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for all fans of classic, R&B, and oldies music in Australia and beyond.

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Tuning in to Club Retro, you find yourself swaying to the smooth melodies of Motown classics, grooving to the funky beats of '70s disco, or reminiscing with the soulful ballads of the '80s. The station prides itself on curating a playlist that celebrates the golden era of music, bringing together iconic tracks and hidden gems that have stood the test of time. Whether you're looking to relive the magic of bygone eras or discover new favorites within the realm of classic, R&B, and oldies, this radio station offers a diverse and engaging listening experience. Its blend of familiar tunes and unexpected delights ensures that there's always something for everyone, making it a beloved destination for music lovers of all ages across Australia and beyond.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: (03) 9670 6575

Address: 383 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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