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About 7RPH Print Radio Tasmania

7RPH Print Radio Tasmania seems to offer a diverse range of content, catering to various interests and preferences. It appears to provide a well-rounded listening experience, combining entertainment, information, and engagement for its audience. It aims to offer a balanced mix of entertainment and informative content, catering to the interests and preferences of its diverse audience.

More Information

7RPH Print Radio operates with the aim of providing a diverse array of content to its audience, blending pop culture, news updates, and engaging talk segments. The pop segment likely features popular music spanning various genres, appealing to a wide audience. It includes current chart-toppers, classic hits, and perhaps even local Australian talent. The news segment keeps listeners informed about current events, both locally and globally. It likely covers a range of topics such as politics, economy, health, and more. The talk segment offers a platform for discussions and conversations on diverse subjects. It features interviews with experts, analysis of current issues, debates, and listener call-ins.


Website: www.printradiotas.org.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: Print Radio Tasmania

Contact Number: +(03) 6224 1864

Address: 136 Davey Street, HOBART TAS 7000


864 AM

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