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About Tunn Rocks

Tunn Rocks is an Australian music platform known for its diverse range of Alternative and Rock music. It serves as a vibrant hub for both emerging and established artists in the Australian music scene, offering a unique blend of genres that cater to fans of cutting-edge sounds and classic rock anthems.

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Tunn Rocks showcases a variety of alternative music styles, from indie and post-punk to experimental and grunge. This diversity ensures that listeners can explore a wide range of sounds that push the boundaries of conventional music. The platform features an extensive collection of rock music, spanning from timeless rock classics to contemporary rock hits. This includes sub-genres like hard rock, punk rock, and progressive rock. The platform often streams live performances and hosts virtual events, bringing the energy of live rock concerts to fans’ screens. Tunn Rocks offers in-depth music news, album reviews, and industry updates.


Website: tunn-rock.radiojar.com

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 61452204957

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Tunn Rocks