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TuneFM, an Australian radio station, offers an engaging array of community and variety programs catering to diverse interests and tastes. Its commitment to community engagement is evident through its programming, which is designed to reflect the cultural richness and diversity of its audience.

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One example of TuneFM's community-focused programming is its dedication to featuring local voices and stories. The station provides a platform for community members to share their experiences, discuss local issues, and showcase talent. In addition to its community-oriented content, it boasts a diverse range of variety programs designed to entertain and inform listeners. These programs span various genres and formats, including music, talk shows, comedy, and more. Listeners can tune in to discover new music, enjoy lively discussions on current affairs, indulge in comedic sketches, or explore niche interests through specialized programming. By offering a blend of community engagement and diverse programming, TuneFM serves as a vital hub for its audience, fostering connections, promoting local talent, and providing an enriching listening experience for listeners across Australia.


Website: www.tunefm.net

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: TUNE! FM

Contact Number: +02 6773 2399

Address: University of New England Armidale NSW 2351


106.9 FM

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