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About Kiis 106.5 FM

Kiis 106.5 FM from Australia offers a vibrant mix of pop and oldies music, catering to a diverse audience with a penchant for catchy tunes and nostalgic hits. The station’s programming is designed to keep listeners engaged and entertained throughout the day, featuring popular chart-toppers from contemporary artists alongside beloved classics from past decades.

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Listeners tuning in to Kiis 106.5 can expect to hear a dynamic range of music spanning various genres within the pop spectrum, including pop-rock, dance-pop, and indie-pop, among others. From the latest chart-topping hits to iconic tracks that have stood the test of time, the station delivers a playlist that appeals to both younger audiences and those with a fondness for retro sounds. In addition to its music selection, it also offers engaging on-air personalities, entertaining segments, and insightful commentary on pop culture trends, ensuring that listeners are not only treated to great music but also to a lively and engaging listening experience. Overall, it serves as a go-to destination for fans of pop and oldies music in Australia, providing a curated blend of contemporary hits and nostalgic favorites that keeps its audience coming back for more.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

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Contact Number: 02 8899 9555

Address: 3 Byfield Street, North Ryde NSW 2113


106.5 FM

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