About KO FM

KO FM is a popular radio station based in Australia that caters to a diverse audience with its blend of Adult Contemporary and Variety programs. Its combination of Adult Contemporary music and Variety programming reflects its commitment to providing entertaining, relevant, and engaging content for its diverse audience base in Australia.

More Information

KO FM features a curated selection of contemporary hits from various genres such as pop, rock, R&B, and alternative. These songs are carefully chosen to appeal to a wide range of adult listeners, offering a perfect soundtrack for their day. The station offers a diverse range of programming beyond just music. This includes talk shows, interviews with local artists or celebrities, comedy segments, lifestyle features, and discussions on current events. These variety programs add depth and entertainment value to the station's lineup, ensuring there's something for everyone. It may engage with its local community through segments that highlight community events, news, and issues.


Website: www.triplem.com.au

Language: English

Contact Number: (02) 4942 1433

Address: Level 7, 18 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, NSW 2300


102.9 FM

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