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About Radio Risham

Radio Risham is a popular radio station based in Australia that specializes in providing a rich selection of Punjabi music. Catering to the Punjabi community and enthusiasts of Punjabi culture, the station features a variety of music genres within Punjabi music, including traditional folk, Bhangra, contemporary Punjabi pop, and devotional songs.

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Listeners of Radio Risham can expect a vibrant mix of tracks from well-known Punjabi artists as well as emerging talents. The station not only plays music but also engages its audience with cultural programs, interviews with artists, and discussions on topics relevant to the Punjabi diaspora in Australia. Additionally, Radio Risham serves as a cultural bridge, offering insights into Punjabi traditions, festivals, and community events. This makes it a hub for maintaining cultural connections for Punjabis living in Australia and for anyone interested in the lively and dynamic world of Punjabi music and culture.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

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Radio Risham