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Na Wee Yon Radio is a community radio station in Australia that broadcasts Islamic programs. Catering to the needs of the local Muslim community, the station provides a range of content focused on Islamic teachings, culture, and lifestyle. It serves as a valuable resource for promoting understanding, unity, and spiritual growth among Muslims in Australia.

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Listeners can tune in to hear educational segments that delve into the principles of Islam, the history of Islamic civilization, and contemporary issues facing Muslims today. Programs typically include the recitation of the Quran, religious lectures, discussions on various aspects of Islam, and reflections on the significance of Islamic holidays and practices. The station often features guest speakers, including local imams, scholars, and community leaders, who provide insights and answer questions from the audience. Additionally, Na Wee Yon Radio may offer content in multiple languages to cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of its listeners, including English, Arabic, Urdu, and other languages commonly spoken in the Australian Muslim community.



Language: English

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Na Wee Yon