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About 2AC Cantonese Channel

2AC Cantonese Channel is a radio station based in Australia that primarily serves the Cantonese-speaking community. It offers a mix of news, talk shows, and Chinese programs tailored to the interests and needs of its listeners. It plays a vital role in connecting the Cantonese-speaking community in Australia with news, information, and entertainment that resonates with their culture and interests. It serves as a platform for community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among its listeners.

More Information

The station provides up-to-date news coverage, both local Australian news and news from China and around the world. This includes current events, politics, business, and other relevant topics. They often feature segments that focus on community news, highlighting events and stories that are of particular interest to the Cantonese-speaking population in Australia. It features various talk shows where hosts and guests discuss a wide range of topics. These include cultural issues, lifestyle, health, entertainment, and more. The station also offers a variety of Chinese programs that cater to the cultural and linguistic interests of its audience. These programs can include music shows featuring Cantonese pop songs, cultural programs exploring Chinese traditions and festivals, as well as educational content to help listeners learn or improve their Chinese language skills.


Website: www.2ac.com.au

Language: Chinese

Email: info2acradio@gmail.com

Contact Number: +02-92677533

Address: Suite 29, Level 2, 650 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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