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Gold MX is a notable community radio station based in Mount Gambier, South Australia. It is recognized for its unique blend of programming that includes a strong focus on oldies music and community-oriented shows. It is a vibrant part of the Mount Gambier community, offering a rich mix of nostalgic music and valuable community-focused programming.

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Gold MX has a well-curated playlist that primarily features oldies music, catering to listeners who enjoy classic hits from past decades. Classic tunes from earlier decades, including the 1950s and occasionally even older tracks, providing a nostalgic listening experience. Gold MX takes pride in its strong community focus, offering a variety of programs that serve the local community. Regular updates on local news, weather, and community events, keeping listeners informed about what’s happening in and around Mount Gambier. It also serves an educational role by providing training and opportunities for local residents to learn about radio production, broadcasting, and media skills.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +61 (08) 9842 9936

Address: 107 Stead Road, Albany, Western Australia


1611 AM

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