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About Perth FM 104.9

Perth FM 104.9 is a radio station based in Perth, Australia, known for its diverse programming catering to a multicultural audience. One of its notable offerings is its Chinese programming, which serves the local Chinese-speaking community by providing news, music, and discussions in Mandarin or Cantonese.

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The station aims to offer a mix of informative and entertaining content, ensuring that listeners have access to both local and international news, as well as a diverse range of music and entertainment options. These programs often cover a range of topics, including local news relevant to the Chinese community in Perth, cultural events, and entertainment updates from China and Taiwan. In addition to its Chinese programming, Perth FM 104.9 also features a variety of entertainment programs that appeal to a broader audience. These may include music shows playing popular hits from different genres, talk shows with guest interviews, and segments on movies, TV shows, and celebrity gossip. This approach allows Perth FM 104.9 to connect with a wide audience and reflect the vibrant multicultural fabric of Perth.



Language: English

Contact Number: +(08) 9261 1088

Address: 395 William St, Perth, WA 6000


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