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About Hellenic Radio Perth

Hellenic Radio Perth, located in Australia, offers a diverse array of programming that caters to various interests, including pop music, folk music, cultural discussions, and entertainment content. It provides a vibrant mix of music, culture, and entertainment that reflects the diverse interests and heritage of the Hellenic community in Australia.

More Information

Hellenic Radio Perth likely airs popular music from both local and international artists across genres such as pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, and more. Listeners can tune in to hear the latest chart-toppers as well as classic hits that have stood the test of time. In addition to mainstream pop music, the station also features folk music from Greece and other regions with strong cultural ties to the Hellenic community. It likely dedicates airtime to discussions about Hellenic culture, history, and traditions. These programs include interviews with experts, segments exploring cultural events and festivals, and discussions about the significance of various customs and practices. The station also offers entertainment-focused programming, including talk shows, comedy segments, and interviews with celebrities from the entertainment industry. Listeners tune in to hear about upcoming movies, TV shows, concerts, and other events of interest.


Website: hellenicradioperth.com

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +61 893 43 2398; 0404049433

Address: Elfa Court Alexander Heights 6064


161.95 FM

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