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Dalkas Radio in Australia is a vibrant platform known for its rich offerings in folk music and community-oriented programs. It stands as a beacon of cultural enrichment and community spirit, offering a unique blend of folk music and community-focused programming that resonates with listeners across Australia and beyond.

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At Dalkas Radio, listeners can expect a dynamic array of folk music spanning various cultures and eras. From traditional ballads to contemporary interpretations, the station curates a playlist that reflects the depth and diversity of folk traditions. In addition to its musical offerings, the stationis deeply committed to serving its community. The station provides a platform for local artists, musicians, and cultural organizations to share their talents and perspectives. Moreover, it goes beyond mere entertainment, striving to be a catalyst for positive change. The station airs programs that address social issues, promote environmental sustainability, and celebrate cultural diversity.


Website: www.dalkasradio.web44.net

Language: English

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Dalkas Radio