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3CR 855 AM is a community radio station based in Melbourne, Australia, known for its diverse range of music, talk shows, and community-focused programs. It serves as a vital platform for community engagement, cultural expression, and social activism, reflecting the diverse interests and concerns of its audience while promoting inclusivity and social justice.

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3CR features an eclectic mix of music genres spanning from indie and alternative to world music, jazz, blues, and more. The station hosts a variety of talk shows covering topics such as social justice, politics, environmental issues, LGBTQ+ rights, Indigenous affairs, feminism, and community activism. These shows often invite experts, activists, and community members to discuss current events and important issues affecting society. It is deeply rooted in its community, and many of its programs are dedicated to amplifying voices that are often marginalized or underrepresented in mainstream media. It often features programs highlighting cultural events, arts initiatives, literature, and creative expressions within the community. In addition to mainstream news coverage, it also provides alternative perspectives on local, national, and international news stories.


Website: www.3cr.org.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: 3CR Melbourne

Contact Number: + 61 3 9419 8377

Address: 21 Smith Street, Fitzroy, 3065 Melbourne, Australia


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3CR 855 AM