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ABC Classic FM is an Australian radio station renowned for its diverse programming that encompasses classical music, cultural discussions, and insightful talks. With its commitment to offering a rich tapestry of content, the station caters to a wide audience interested in the arts, music, and intellectual discourse. Overall, it serves as a vital platform for promoting classical music appreciation, fostering cultural dialogue, and enriching the intellectual and artistic lives of its listeners across Australia.

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Throughout the day, listeners can enjoy a carefully curated selection of classical masterpieces, ranging from iconic symphonies and concertos to lesser-known gems from both renowned composers and emerging talents. The station prides itself on presenting classical music in a way that is accessible and engaging to both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike. In addition to its musical offerings, it features insightful cultural programming that explores various aspects of the arts world. From interviews with acclaimed artists and performers to discussions on current trends and events shaping the cultural landscape, the station provides valuable insights into the creative realm.



Language: English


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Contact Number: +61 1300 766 282

Address: ABC GPO Box 9994 Sydney, NSW, Australia


105.9 FM

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