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About Al Haya Radio

Al Haya Radio, broadcasting from Australia, offers a variety of programs aimed at serving the community with a focus on talk and news. Through these programs, the station aims to be a vital resource for its listeners, providing valuable information, entertainment, and a sense of community connection.

More Information

Al Haya Radio features a range of community-oriented programs designed to engage and support local listeners. These programs often include discussions on community events, cultural celebrations, and local initiatives. The goal is to foster a sense of belonging and provide a platform for community voices. The station hosts several talk shows that cover a broad spectrum of topics. These include discussions on current affairs, social issues, health and wellness, and lifestyle topics. Al Haya Radio delivers news updates with a focus on both local and international events. Their news segments aim to keep the community informed about important developments, offering a mix of headlines, in-depth reports, and analysis.



Language: English

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