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3Way FM, an Australian radio station, offers a diverse range of content catering to various interests and tastes. It offers a dynamic blend of news, talk, classic hits, pop tunes, and local music, catering to the diverse interests of its listeners while also serving as a platform for community engagement and expression.

More Information

3Way FM likely provides updates on local, national, and international news to keep listeners informed about current events, politics, economy, and other significant happenings. This includes news bulletins at specific times throughout the day or featured segments within talk shows. The station likely hosts talk shows covering a wide array of topics including politics, health, lifestyle, entertainment, and community issues. These shows feature interviews with guests, discussions, debates, and audience participation, providing a platform for exchanging ideas and opinions. It probably dedicates airtime to classic music genres such as rock, jazz, blues, or classical. Alongside classic tunes, the station also features contemporary pop music from local and international artists. Supporting local talent is often a priority for community radio stations like 3Way FM.


Website: 3wayfm.org.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: 3WAY FM

Contact Number: +03 55612666

Address: Warrnambool’s Community Radio Station 91 Hyland St (P.O. Box 752) Warrnambool 3280


103.7 FM

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3Way FM