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Radio Viva Italia from Australia offers a diverse selection of music genres, including pop, folk, and adult contemporary. Catering to a broad audience, the station features a blend of contemporary hits and timeless classics, ensuring a rich and varied listening experience.

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Pop segment includes both current chart-toppers and beloved pop anthems from past decades. Listeners can expect a dynamic mix of high-energy tracks and melodic tunes from international and local artists, providing an upbeat and engaging backdrop for their day. Embracing the rich traditions of folk music, the station showcases an array of acoustic-driven songs and storytelling through music. This segment often features a mix of classic folk songs, modern indie-folk, and world music influences, highlighting the genre's diversity and cultural depth. By blending these genres, Radio Viva Italia from Australia offers a well-rounded and eclectic musical experience, appealing to listeners with varied tastes and preferences.



Language: English


87.6-87.8 FM

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