2CH Easy 1170


About 2CH Easy 1170

2CH Easy 1170, based in Australia, offers a diverse range of programming catering to easy-listening music enthusiasts, as well as those interested in staying informed about current events and entertained with engaging content. It offers a well-rounded listening experience, combining easy listening music with informative news updates and entertaining programming to cater to a wide audience base seeking relaxation, information, and enjoyment.

More Information

The station likely plays a mix of easy listening music spanning various genres such as adult contemporary, soft rock, pop standards, and perhaps some jazz and classical selections. Throughout the day, it provides regular news updates, keeping listeners informed about local, national, and international events. This includes headlines, weather forecasts, traffic reports, and other pertinent information to help listeners stay connected to the world around them. The station also airs entertainment programs aimed at engaging their audience and providing light-hearted content. It prioritizes community engagement by promoting local events, featuring interviews with community leaders or organizers, and encouraging listener participation through call-ins or social media interactions.


Website: www.2ch.com

Language: English

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