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About Tune India Radio

Tune India Radio, based in Australia, is a vibrant platform that offers a rich blend of Bollywood and Indian music. Catering to the Indian diaspora and enthusiasts of Indian culture, the radio station provides an extensive selection of contemporary and classic Bollywood hits, regional Indian music, and popular tracks from various Indian genres.

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Listeners can expect to hear a variety of music, including Bollywood chart-toppers, soulful ghazals, energetic bhangra, and traditional Indian classical music. Tune India Radio not only plays music but also keeps its audience engaged with celebrity interviews, music countdowns, and special themed shows that delve into different aspects of Indian music and cinema. The station is accessible online, making it easy for listeners around the world to enjoy their favorite Indian tunes. By providing a diverse and dynamic range of Indian music, the station serves as a cultural bridge, connecting listeners in Australia and beyond with the vibrant sounds of India.


Website: tuneindiaradio.com.au

Language: English, Hindi

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +1300 76 77 14

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