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About Radio Mansfield

Radio Mansfield, based in Australia, offers a diverse range of programming catering to a broad audience. With its varied lineup of jazz, news, talk, country, and sports programs, the station strives to entertain, inform, and inspire its listeners, making it a beloved choice for radio enthusiasts across Australia.

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Radio Mansfield takes its listeners on a melodious journey through the rich world of jazz music. From classic standards to contemporary interpretations, the station curates a selection that appeals to both seasoned jazz enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Keeping the community informed is a top priority for Radio Mansfield. Through timely news updates, listeners stay abreast of local, national, and international events, ensuring they are well-informed about the world around them. Engaging discussions on various topics add depth to Radio Mansfield's programming. Embracing the rich heritage of country music, the station celebrates the soulful sounds of the genre. For sports enthusiasts, Radio Mansfield offers comprehensive coverage of local and international sporting events.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +61 3 5775 2333

Address: 10 Bank Place Mansfield VIC 3722


99.7 FM

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