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ABC Alice Springs serves as a vital hub for community engagement and news dissemination in the heart of Australia. It plays a crucial role in connecting the residents of Alice Springs and the broader region with current affairs, cultural events, and local stories. It serves as a vital link in the media landscape of Central Australia, fostering a sense of belonging and participation among its listeners.

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ABC Alice Springs actively engages with the local community by covering events, issues, and stories that are relevant to the people living in Central Australia. This includes highlighting local talents, community initiatives, and cultural celebrations that define the region. The station provides comprehensive news coverage that encompasses local, national, and international events. This ensures that residents stay informed about developments that affect them directly as well as broader issues impacting Australia and the world. The station serves as a platform for public discourse and discussion on various topics of local and national importance.



Language: English

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Contact Number: +61 8 8950 4711

Address: Cnr Gap rd and Speed st, 0870 Alice Springs


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