Trax FM 105.1

Port Pirie

About Trax FM 105.1

Trax FM 105.1 from Australia offers a vibrant blend of news, community engagement, and music to its listeners. As a community-focused radio station, it serves as a valuable platform for local news updates, keeping listeners informed about events and developments in their area. It appears to be more than just a radio station—it’s a hub of information, interaction, and entertainment tailored to the local community in Australia.

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In terms of community engagement, Trax FM likely features programs that highlight local issues, events, and personalities, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among its audience. This includes interviews with community leaders, discussions on important topics, and opportunities for listeners to participate through call-ins or social media. Regarding music, Trax FM is likely to curate a diverse playlist catering to various tastes and genres, providing a soundtrack that accompanies listeners throughout their day.



Language: English


Contact Number: +61 8 8633 2111

Address: Phoenix Park, 251 The Terrace Port Pirie, South Australia


105.1 FM

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