Bay and Basin FM

Sanctuary Point

About Bay and Basin FM

Bay and Basin FM, based in Australia, offers a diverse range of programming, including news updates, engaging talk shows, and soulful folk music. The station serves as a vital source of local news, keeping listeners informed about current events, community issues, and happenings in the Bay and Basin region.

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Bay and Basin FM plays a crucial role in connecting the community through its informative news updates, engaging talk shows, and soul-stirring folk music, creating a vibrant and inclusive platform for listeners to stay connected and entertained. Their talk shows likely cover a variety of topics, from politics and community affairs to culture and lifestyle. Folk music holds a special place in the station's lineup, offering listeners a blend of traditional and contemporary folk tunes. This genre often embodies the spirit of storytelling and carries a rich cultural heritage, making it a perfect fit for a community-oriented radio station like Bay and Basin FM.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: Bay and Basin_FM

Contact Number: +02 4443 9644

Address: 18 Sanctuary Point Road Sanctuary Point, NSW, 2540


92.7 FM

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