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About 2GO FM 107.7

2GO FM 107.7, a radio station from Australia, offers a diverse range of programming that caters to various interests and preferences. It aims to provide a well-rounded radio experience that entertains, informs, and connects with its audience through a blend of culture, news, pop music, and talk programming.

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2GO FM likely provides cultural content that celebrates Australian heritage, traditions, and events. This includes segments discussing indigenous culture, art exhibitions, local festivals, historical landmarks, and multicultural events within the community. Keeping listeners informed about current events, both locally and globally, is a crucial aspect of 2GO FM's programming. The station likely delivers news updates throughout the day, covering topics such as politics, economics, social issues, health, technology, and more. Listeners can expect to hear the latest hits from Australian and international artists, as well as classic favorites. It also hosts talk shows featuring knowledgeable hosts and expert guests who offer insights, opinions, and advice on relevant subjects. These shows may encourage listener participation through call-ins, social media interaction, or online polls.


Website: www.triplem.com.au

Language: English

Contact Number: +61 2 4324 2400

Address: 49 Henry Parry Drive, Gosford NSW 2250


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2GO FM 107.7