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Totally Radio 80s, an Australian station, offers a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant sounds of the 1980s. With a playlist that spans various genres such as pop, rock, new wave, and synth-pop, listeners can immerse themselves in the infectious beats and memorable melodies that defined the era.

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It aims to transport listeners back to the vibrant and nostalgic era of the 1980s through its selection of oldies and classic music. The station curates a diverse playlist featuring iconic hits spanning various genres such as pop, rock, new wave, and dance, capturing the essence of the decade's musical landscape. From iconic hits by artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and Queen to lesser-known gems from the decade, Totally Radio 80s curates a diverse selection of oldies and classics that resonate with fans both young and old. By celebrating the timeless tunes of the 80s, the station provides listeners with a gateway to relive the magic of one of the most culturally influential decades in music history.



Language: English

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