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Totally Radio 00s is a station that takes listeners back to the vibrant and eclectic sounds of the 2000s. It’s like taking a musical time machine to a decade filled with nostalgia and memorable hits. From the catchy pop tunes to the edgy rock anthems, this station curates a playlist that encapsulates the essence of the 2000s music scene.

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Listeners can expect to hear a diverse range of artists and genres that dominated the airwaves during that time. What sets this station apart is its ability to blend oldies with hits, creating a seamless listening experience that appeals to fans of both classic and contemporary music. It's the perfect soundtrack for reliving the glory days of the 2000s or discovering timeless tunes for the first time. So whether you're feeling nostalgic for your favorite childhood jams or simply want to groove to some unforgettable hits, Totally Radio 00s from Australia has got you covered.



Language: English

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