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About Three D Radio

Three D Radio is an independent radio station based in Adelaide, Australia, known for its diverse programming that includes pop music, news updates, and talk shows. It stands out as a community radio station with a focus on alternative music and local artists, offering listeners a break from mainstream commercial radio.

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In terms of pop music, Three D Radio plays a variety of genres ranging from classic hits to emerging artists, catering to a wide audience interested in popular music trends. Beyond music, the station provides news updates to keep listeners informed about local and global events, often with a focus on community issues and alternative perspectives. This blend of music and news helps create a well-rounded listening experience that appeals to those looking for both entertainment and information. Overall, Three D Radio serves as a vital cultural and informational hub in Adelaide, offering a refreshing alternative to mainstream radio with its mix of pop music, news programming, and engaging talk shows.



Language: English


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Contact Number: +61 8 8363 3937

Address: 101 Payneham Road Adelaide, South Australia


93.7 FM

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