Tamil Melisai


About Tamil Melisai

Tamil Melisai radio from Australia offers a rich array of programs that cater to the Tamil community, focusing on community and cultural themes. This radio plays a crucial role in connecting the Australian Tamil community with their roots, fostering a sense of identity, belonging, and cultural pride through its diverse range of programs.

More Information

The radio station hosts discussions and interviews that highlight local community events, news, and issues relevant to the Tamil diaspora in Australia. This could include updates on community gatherings, festivals, or social initiatives. Programs dedicated to Tamil culture delve into its rich heritage, traditions, and arts. This includes features on classical music, dance forms like Bharatanatyam, traditional cuisine, and literature. Known as "Melisai" (which means music), the station showcases a variety of Tamil music genres, from classical Carnatic compositions to contemporary film songs.


Website: www.tamilmelisai.com

Language: English, Tamil

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