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About Soulfinity Radio

Soulfinity Radio is a vibrant Australian radio station renowned for its pulsating mix of Dance and House music. Broadcasting from the heart of Australia’s electronic music scene, it offers listeners a seamless blend of energetic beats and infectious rhythms, curated to keep you moving.

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With a clear aim to celebrate and elevate these genres, Soulfinity Radio creates a space where enthusiasts and artists alike can connect through their shared passion for electronic music. Their mission extends beyond just broadcasting tunes; the station aims to curate a musical journey that resonates with listeners, offering a carefully curated selection of tracks that embody the essence of Dance and House. Moreover, the Radio serves as a supportive platform for both established and emerging artists, providing exposure and recognition within the global dance music community. In essence, Soulfinity Radio from Australia is more than just a radio station; it's a dedicated advocate for Dance and House music, striving to enrich the cultural landscape by sharing the beats and rhythms that define these vibrant genres.



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