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About Salt 106.5

Salt 106.5 is a contemporary Christian radio station based in Australia, offering a mix of pop music, talk shows, and Christian programming. This station caters to a wide audience by blending various genres and topics that resonate with its listeners. Whether you’re looking for the latest hits, engaging conversations, or faith-based content, Salt 106.5 offers something for everyone.

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Salt 106.5 features a selection of contemporary pop music that is both uplifting and family-friendly. The playlist includes popular tracks from well-known artists as well as emerging talents, all curated to align with the station's positive and inspirational ethos. The talk shows on the station cover a range of topics relevant to everyday life. These programs often include discussions on personal development, health and wellness, family and relationships, and community issues. As a Christian radio station, Salt 106.5 incorporates faith-based content into its lineup. This includes Bible readings, inspirational messages, worship music, and sermons from local and international pastors. The station aims to provide spiritual encouragement and guidance, helping listeners grow in their faith.



Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +07 5442 2833

Address: Level 1, 102 Buderim Pines Dr, Buderim QLD 4556


106.5 FM

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Salt 106.5