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Gold Coast

About Radio FM88

Radio FM88 is a vibrant radio station based in Australia, known for its eclectic mix of pop and folk music that captivates listeners across the nation. With a distinctive blend of catchy pop tunes and soulful folk melodies, FM88 creates a diverse musical landscape that appeals to a wide audience. It delivers a radio experience that celebrates the rich diversity of musical expression within the pop and folk genres.

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Listeners tuning in to FM88 can expect to hear popular hits from both local and international artists, spanning genres such as indie pop, acoustic folk, and contemporary singer-songwriter music. The station prides itself on curating playlists that showcase emerging talents alongside established favorites, ensuring a fresh and dynamic listening experience. FM88 not only entertains with its music but also keeps its audience informed with engaging commentary, artist interviews, and updates on the latest trends in the pop and folk music scenes.



Language: English


Contact Number: +61 (7) 3290 4888

Address: PO Box 732 Springwood,Qld 4127


88.0 FM

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Radio FM88