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About OZ Design Furniture

OZ Design Furniture, an Australian furniture retailer, likely uses radio programs not just for marketing but also for engaging its audience through music and entertainment. Imagine tuning in to one of their shows: upbeat tunes set the tone, with smooth transitions between songs and lively hosts injecting humor and information about the latest furniture trends or promotions.

More Information

The OZ Design Furniture radio aims to offer a unique blend of music and entertainment programming that complements the lifestyle and tastes of its audience. With a focus on enhancing the shopping experience at OZ Design Furniture stores, the radio station plays curated music playlists that create a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers. Additionally, it features entertaining segments such as interviews with artists, design tips, home decor ideas, and lifestyle discussions. This initiative not only aims to entertain but also aims to enrich the overall customer experience by providing a dynamic and engaging ambiance in-store.


Website: ozdesignfurniture.com.au

Language: English

Email: marketing@ozdesignfurniture.com.au

Contact Number: 02 8834 4600

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