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About Nepali Sanchar Radio

Nepali Sanchar Radio station, based in Australia, offers a diverse array of programs catering to the Nepali community both locally and abroad. It celebrates Nepali festivals, traditions, and customs through special programs that highlight the cultural diversity of Nepal. It aims to serve as a comprehensive platform that connects Nepali listeners in Australia with their culture, community, and homeland through informative, entertaining, and culturally enriching programming.

More Information

The station provides up-to-date news coverage from Nepal, Australia, and around the world, including politics, economics, and social issues. This segment aims to keep listeners informed about the latest developments affecting the Nepali diaspora. It features a mix of traditional Nepali music, contemporary hits, and cultural melodies. It offers a platform for Nepali artists both within Australia and internationally. It hosts discussions on various topics such as immigration, education, health, and community issues. It broadcasts prayers, sermons, and religious discourses catering to the spiritual needs of listeners. Overall, the station provides information about upcoming events, festivals, cultural gatherings, and community initiatives taking place in Australia or organized by the Nepali diaspora.



Language: Nepali

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +8801916401124

Address: 121 King Street, Melbourne, Australia

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