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About My Generation FM

My Generation FM, based in Australia, offers a nostalgic and diverse radio experience centered around oldies, hits, and various specialized programs. It provides a curated blend of oldies, hits, and specialized programs that cater to a wide audience nostalgic for the music of yesteryears. It often engages with its audience through requests, dedications, and listener interactions.

More Information

My Generation FM primarily focuses on playing classic hits from past decades, catering to listeners who appreciate music from the 1950s through to the 1990s. This includes iconic songs and artists that have shaped the music landscape over generations. Beyond oldies, the station also includes hits from various eras, ensuring a broad appeal across different age groups. It features specialized programming that enhances its oldies and hits format. It also integrates local Australian artists and music into its programming, showcasing the nation’s musical contributions alongside international favorites.



Language: English


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