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About Indian Link Radio

Indian Link Radio, broadcasting from Australia, offers a vibrant array of Bollywood and entertainment programs that resonate with the pulse of the Indian diaspora Down Under. It serves as a cultural bridge, connecting the Indian diaspora in Australia to their roots while also celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Indian entertainment and culture.

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Tuning in, you find yourself immersed in the latest Bollywood hits, from foot-tapping dance numbers to soul-stirring melodies, catering to every musical taste. Beyond just music, the station also delves into the world of Indian cinema and entertainment, providing listeners with exclusive interviews with actors, directors, and other prominent figures from the film industry. It also celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian culture, exploring traditional arts, cuisine, festivals, and more. Through insightful discussions and engaging programming, listeners are transported to the heart of India, even as they listen from across the globe. Whether you're a Bollywood buff, a music lover, or simply someone looking to stay connected to your heritage, Indian Link Radio offers something for everyone.



Language: English, Hindi

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +61 2 9262 4244

Address: 24/44 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2137

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