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Seven Hills

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Hope 103.2 is a radio station based in Sydney, Australia, known for its diverse programming that includes talk shows, Christian content, and entertainment programs. The station aims to inspire hope and positivity through its broadcast, catering to a wide audience with a variety of interests and beliefs. It serves as a source of hope, encouragement, and inspiration for its listeners, blending talk, Christian, and entertainment programs to create a dynamic and uplifting radio experience.

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In terms of talk shows, Hope 103.2 offers discussions on relevant topics such as faith, family, relationships, and community issues. As a Christian radio station, it also delivers content that reflects Christian values and beliefs. This includes inspirational messages, Bible teachings, and music that uplifts the spirit. Listeners can expect to hear sermons, devotional segments, and interviews with Christian leaders, providing spiritual nourishment and encouragement. In addition to its talk and Christian programming, Hope 103.2 provides entertainment content to engage listeners and brighten their day. This includes music shows featuring a mix of contemporary Christian music, popular hits, and uplifting songs.


Website: hope1032.com.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

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Contact Number: +61 2 9854 7000

Address: 2 Leabons Lane, 2147 Seven Hills, Australia


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Hope 103.2