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Hills Radio, based in Adelaide Hills, Australia, offers a vibrant mix of pop music, news updates, and entertaining content tailored to its local audience. This community radio station plays a variety of popular music genres, keeping listeners engaged with current hits and timeless classics.

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Hills Radio serves as a vital source of entertainment, information, and community connection for its audience in the Adelaide Hills area and beyond, reflecting the diverse interests and passions of its listeners. In addition to music, it provides regular news segments, keeping its audience informed about local events, community news, and updates from around the world. Moreover, the station focuses on entertainment, featuring lively talk shows, interviews with local personalities, and discussions on diverse topics of interest. This variety of content aims to cater to different tastes and preferences within its listening community, making it a dynamic platform for both music lovers and those seeking informative and engaging programming.


Website: ww33.hillsradio.com.au

Language: English

Email: info@hillsradio.com.au

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Contact Number: +0883913885

Address: P.O. Box 380 Mount Barker South Australia 5251

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