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FSJ Radio, based in Australia, offers a vibrant mix of jazz, soul, and funk music that captivates listeners with its rich and diverse sounds. Broadcasting a variety of shows and playlists curated by passionate DJs and music enthusiasts, FSJ Radio is a hub for aficionados of these genres.

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Listeners can expect to groove to the smooth rhythms of jazz, immerse themselves in the emotive melodies of soul, and get down to the infectious beats of funk. The station not only plays popular tracks but also dives deep into the genre's history, showcasing both well-known artists and hidden gems from around the world. FSJ Radio not only serves as a platform for enjoying music but also fosters a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for jazz, soul, and funk. It provides a space where listeners can discover new sounds, rediscover old favorites, and stay connected to the latest in the genre.


Website: www.fsjradio.com.au

Language: English

Email: fsjradio@hotmail.com

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FSJ Radio