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FBI 94.5 FM is a popular radio station based in Sydney, Australia, renowned for its eclectic mix of alternative, new age, and pop music. With its diverse playlist, FBI caters to a wide audience interested in exploring non-mainstream sounds and emerging artists. Through its eclectic playlist and commitment to showcasing musical diversity, the station aims to engage listeners who crave something beyond the mainstream.

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The station strives to provide a platform for diverse musical tastes, offering a refreshing break from the usual radio fare. From indie rock to electronic beats, listeners tune in for a unique sonic journey, discovering both local talents and international sensations. Additionally, it also focuses on promoting local talent, hosting interviews with up-and-coming artists, and spotlighting independent music scenes. The station often showcases music that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions, making it a favorite among music aficionados seeking something fresh and innovative.


Website: fbiradio.com

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: FBi Radio

Contact Number: +(02) 8332 2900

Address: 44-54 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015


94.5 FM

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FBI 94.5 FM