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About Edge Digital

Edge Digital is a popular radio station in Australia that caters to fans of contemporary music genres, specifically Hip Hop, Pop, and Top 40 hits. The station is known for its dynamic programming that blends the latest chart-toppers with classic hits, creating a vibrant and engaging listening experience for its audience. It aims to provide an immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

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Edge Digital offers a diverse playlist that includes the hottest tracks in Hip Hop, Pop, and Top 40. This ensures that listeners are always up-to-date with the latest music trends and popular songs. The station features a variety of shows hosted by energetic and knowledgeable DJs who provide insights into the music industry, artist interviews, and live performances. The station is actively involved in the local music scene and community events. One of the station's highlights is the Top 40 countdown, where the most popular songs of the week are ranked and played. This segment is eagerly anticipated by listeners and is a great way to keep up with current music trends.


Website: www.cada.com.au

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Wikipedia: CADA

Contact Number: 02 8899 9961

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