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Curtin FM is a radio station based in Perth, Australia, known for its community-focused programming and dedication to playing classic hits from various decades, commonly referred to as “Oldies” in radio terminology. This radio station plays a pivotal role in connecting with local listeners through nostalgic music and informative shows.

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In addition to its music programming, Curtin FM also serves as a platform for community engagement and local news. It often features interviews with community leaders, discussions on local events, and provides information on various community services. Through its programming, the station aims to enrich the lives of its listeners by creating a space where they can reminisce, connect, and stay informed about local events and issues that matter to them. This blend of music and community-oriented content makes Curtin FM a beloved choice for many listeners in Perth who appreciate both the timeless tunes and the connection to their local community.



Language: English


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Contact Number: +61 8 9266 2121

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