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About Coral Coast Radio

Coral Coast Radio from Australia offers a vibrant mix of pop, jazz, and folk music, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience. From catchy pop tunes that keep listeners grooving to the smooth melodies of jazz that evoke a sense of sophistication and relaxation, to the heartfelt storytelling of folk music that connects with the soul, Coral Coast Radio covers a wide spectrum of musical genres.

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Whether you're in the mood for upbeat rhythms, soulful improvisations, or poignant lyrics, this radio station provides a rich tapestry of sounds that cater to diverse musical tastes. It aims to deliver a vibrant blend of pop, jazz, and folk music to its listeners. This radio station is dedicated to curating a diverse musical experience that appeals to a wide audience, showcasing the rich tapestry of contemporary and traditional sounds within these genres. Its programming likely includes both classic hits and emerging artists, ensuring a dynamic playlist that keeps listeners coming back for more.



Language: English


Contact Number: +07 4151 0947

Address: 5/45a walker street Bundaberg, QLD, Australia 4670


94.7 FM

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