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Alive FM 90.5, based in Australia, offers a diverse range of music genres catering to various tastes. It features a nostalgic selection of oldies, bringing back classic hits that span different eras and musical styles. Listeners can enjoy the timeless melodies and lyrics that have defined generations.

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Alive FM 90.5 offers a well-rounded music selection that combines oldies, local music, and adult contemporary hits, catering to a broad audience and enriching the cultural tapestry of its community. It also showcases local music talent, providing a platform for Australian artists to showcase their work. Furthermore, the station includes adult contemporary music in its programming. This genre typically features melodic tunes with lyrics that resonate with adult listeners, covering themes of love, life experiences, and personal reflection. It provides a soothing and enjoyable listening experience for those who appreciate contemporary music with a mature sensibility.



Language: English


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Contact Number: +61 2 9686 3888

Address: PO Box 977 Baulkham Hills NSW 1755


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